India is a land of a glorious past and an extraordinary future. The environment of India will swing you in each way and make you a part of its soil in many ways. Indian tourism stakes a voyage of diverse geography that begins with snow-covered angles to tropical delights, mesmerising your soul with all the turns, twists and swirls. This is a crust of what this humongous country has to offer, so get ready to fall in love with this country all over again. India is abundantly richly rooted in culture and tradition. With culture, language and food changing tremendously in every state, it is a potpourri of customs, which in the end, are connected. If you have not travelled and tasted its uniqueness yet, are you really making the most of the beauty of India? Hope to see you make good memories in the laps of India, soon! The spirit of India has fascinated the world with its very mystique. There is no place on earth that enjoys such a diversity of environments and a profusion of creative energies as India, a subcontinent with a 5000-year-old history. A civilisation united by its diversity, India has always been known as a land where history echoes itself with all its wonders in every piece of stone and every particle of dust. This wonderful country with its 1.4 billion people is breathtakingly alive; a kaleidoscopic mix of humanity, culture, history and nature, there is always something happening around all the time.


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Frequently asked questions

For Private Tours, once you have paid for your booking and received confirmation of your travel dates from Travelbay, your holiday is guaranteed on your chosen departure date - except in cases of major weather events and alike in which case we do our best to adjust your holiday accordingly. For Group Tours, we only take tentative booking with no deposit till we have minimum 6 people in a group, once we have requisite number of people then we contact you to pay for your booking. Once you have paid for your booking and received confirmation of your travel dates from Travelbay, your holiday is guaranteed on your chosen departure date - except in cases of major weather events and alike in which case we do our best to adjust your holiday accordingly.

Yes, with pleasure. Just let us know how many extra nights you would like either before or after and we will arrange for you to stay at the same hotel and let you know the cost of the extra nights. Arriving early or staying on won't affect your airport transfers - if you're staying at the same hotel and we book it for you, we'll collect you when you arrive and take you to the airport when it's time for your departure flight. If you want to add on extra tours on your additional days, please contact us for options.

If you book a Private Tour, it will be only you and your travel companions in the group and you will travel in a private vehicle with your own personal driver and guide. If you book a Group Departure, it will be you and other travel companions from around the world, we operate on a minimum group size of 6 people. Once required number of group members are in a departure, you will be informed of the same and briefed about the size of group, incase there are not enough sign-ups which is rare, we offer you the same tour on a private basis or a full refund in case you do not wish to travel.

Yes, triple share is available. Please contact us for a quote.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have obtained a valid visa prior to travel. Most nationalities require a visa when travelling to India. You need to apply for and receive your visa before you depart. To find out the visa requirements for India, you can check with local Embassy/High Comission of India Please note: We attempt to provide you with the latest information and links. However, please be aware that it is each traveller’s responsibility (and not Travelbay’s) to ensure that you have a valid visa if required for any country you visit. We recommend checking the visa requirements before you go.

WIFI access is very common in the cities. In smaller towns and rural villages, internet access may be less common . Whilst you can find internet cafes in the cities, most of our customers access the internet via their mobile phone or device using mobile sim cards or connecting to

Mobile reception is generally good in urban areas and big cities. Mountainous and more remote areas may not have very good network coverage. You can use your mobile phone in India, however you will need to check with your mobile carrier at home about roaming and other charges and make sure global roaming is activated before you leave home. If your phone is not on a plan you may prefer to purchase and insert a local SIM card for your time in India. It is best to buy a SIM card in the larger cities (eg Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi etc) and you will need to show your passport and visa upon purchase.

Due to the size of India, there is a big variation in the weather. A popular time to visit is from September to April when the temperatures are cooler. If travelling in the North, the summer months (June - August) are hot, especially in the dry areas such as Rajasthan. Diwali and Holi are festivals in India and during this time people come out to celebrate. Diwali falls in October and is the festival of lights. Holi is also known as the Festival of Colours and is celebrated in March. Accommodation can fill up quickly so we recommend booking in advance - it can be a great time to enjoy the festivities with the locals.

When you arrive into India there will be someone waiting for you after you clear customs at the airport with a sign with your name on it. If you can’t see them inside the arrival lounge, they will be waiting just outside the doors. Sometimes they have the Travelbay logo but it is your name that you will most likely notice.

You most certainly can. Whilst our official office hours are Monday to Friday - 9am to 6.00 pm India Time - Time zone in India (GMT+5:30), we are regularly in the office outside of these hours and at weekends. Feel free to ring at any time before 7:30pm - 7 days a week - 365 days a year. If we are busy on other calls or not available please leave a message including your phone number and area code and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. You are also very welcome to email us on 24/7 - we check our emails regularly. We look forward to hearing from you.

Travelbay provides Simple, Standard, Superior, Deluxe and Luxury pricing options in our tours, based on twin share (2 people per room). Please see the pricing at the top right corner of the page. In most cases triple share is also available. If you would like a single room or if you are a single traveler or a triple share ( three people in one room) please contact us for a quote. Also if you are more than 2 people (friends or family) travelling, please contact us for a quote.

Yes, we can alter the itinerary for you so that you get exactly what you are after. We can provide you with a quote for any changes you wish to make.

Yes, please contact us for a quote.

We recommend you check with your doctor as to any immunisations that you may require or that are recommended for your travels. Alternatively, you can visit your check with your local authorities or the embassy or high commission for more information.

Tipping is entirely at your discretion. In response to some customers questions here are a few guidelines: It is usual to tip the waiters, porters, guides and drivers. Tips are not included in the bills for hotels, transport companies or any other suppliers. At hotels and restaurants, about 10% of the bill is usually acceptable. Tipping is not necessary for taxis or for cheaper restaurants. It is a good idea to check if service charges are included in your restaurant bill. If not, a tip of 10% of the total bill is normal. Although we give below a few general guidelines, it is to be remembered that tipping is a sign of gratification for good service, and therefore please view the guidelines as the middle ground, which can be adjusted depending on the level of service you feel you have received. Please note the below amounts are per person for individual travellers. Guide (Full Day) Rs 800 – Rs 1000 per day Guide (Half Day) Rs 500 – Rs 800 per day Tour Escort Rs 500 – Rs 1200-2000 per day Driver for the tour Rs 400 – Rs 1000 per day Driver for local duties Rs – 400- 800 per day Bell Boy Rs 50 per bag or Rs 100 per member of staff Room Service & Restaurants: about 10% of the bill total (Unless service charge is mentioned as included in the bill) Tipping tip: It can be handy to have small notes for tipping.

Hotels and many good restaurants offer free WIFI (sometimes there may be small charge in hotel or restaurants, though its rare now). In smaller towns you may find internet cafes but there are no such facilities in rural villages. Here you can access internet with your mobile phone although the network may be a bit erratic in remote areas.

The currency used in India is the Indian Rupee. What currency to take over there is a personal choice. Some people prefer to take US$ cash as a backup whilst others prefer to take their respective currency but using AUD$ , GBP, Euro is more easy to exchange though other currenciescan also be exchanged – it depends on what you are comfortable with. Remember to always have your passport with you as identification when changing money. There are ATM machines available in the large cities. In smaller towns and villages and wilderness areas there may be fewer (or none) available. Well-known credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted in hotels, restaurants and in larger shops. Smaller shops, market stalls and in more rural places, there may not be credit card facilities. We recommend letting your bank know that you will be using your card in India to avoid them freezing any 'suspicious' activity.

Depending on the season you are travelling in, pack accordingly - the summer months are hot and in the winter time it can be chilly. If you are going up into the mountains you'll need warmer clothes and the early morning starts on wildlife safaris can be fresh. Some parts of India are Muslim and we recommend wearing shorts, dresses and skirts that cover at least your knees as well as covering your shoulders. We find it useful to take a scarf or shawl with you in the car in case you need to cover up. It's always a good idea when travelling to have layers and comfortable shoes to cover all eventualities.

For India there are three plug types: types C, D and M. A useful resource to find out what plug or adaptor you might need for any country can be found by clicking here: and then selecting the country or countries you are visiting. Travel tip: Take a power board with multiple outlets. This way you can use the one adaptor and plug in multiple devices or electronics.

Travelbay strongly recommends TRAVEL INSURANCE – please contact your insurance company for the same

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