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Travelbay began as an Australian-based online travel site that offered beautiful private tours, small group tours, and tailor-made tours all over the world. As the world went on pause due to the Corona pandemic, the owners decided to focus on their other businesses while this website was handed over to us. We were one of their team members with expertise in crafting wonderful tours in the Indian subcontinent and serving the customers with tailor-made tours.

We re-launched this website in a new avatar, but with the same idea and intent to deliver the same quality of great vacations as the world of travel starts to open up again with the same excitement for getaways & adventures. We currently provide tours to the Indian subcontinent, but we intend to grow and provide travel options around the globe in the near future.
We are driven by a deep passion for travel. After more than three decades in the business and serving our excellent partners, we have a deep-seated love for creating unforgettable vacations. If you have the intention, we believe there are no limitations to travel.
To make your vacation “extra spectacular,” we are prepared to go above and beyond.

Although this website is titled “About Us,” it’s truly all about YOU!
It’s about assisting you in having the excellent vacation you deserve on a budget you can easily  afford.

We are available during business hours by phone +91 9871383583 and 24/7 by email (team@travelbay.com). We would love to connect with you and see how we can help, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Tours Creating Memories & Bonds

Our website contains an extensive and ever-expanding amount of content. We offer tours to a variety of destinations, and for each country, we provide information to help you plan your vacation. You can see what our customers have to say and what they’ve experienced thanks to the many of our customers who bring in their videos, images, and reviews (which we love). In our opinion, the planning stages are when your vacation really begins. We want you to buy exactly what will serve best you, and our support is available via phone or email. Many of our clients travel with us every year and wind up becoming our friends, so we are in it for the long haul

What our clients say

Meet the team

Abhijit Verma - Travelbay India Owner

Abhijit Verma

Meet Abhijit Verma is an amazing travel planner with 30 years experience and expertise in crafting wonderful tours in the Indian subcontinent and serving customers with tailor-made tours. He loves to travel and yearns to provide memorable tours that offer best value in travel to clients. And his excellent attention to customer needs and organisational skills make planning a breeze and keep our clients coming back again and again

Lee Grafton

Meet Lee Grafton, our local partner who is a retired visual art teacher and an avid traveller. With over five decades of travel experience, he has visited numerous countries and developed a deep appreciation for the diverse cultures and landscapes of the world. India holds a special place in his heart. Lee is an experienced travel advisor with exceptional organizational skills in planning and operating tours. He is also the owner of a boutique travel company “Zen Oriental Journeys” in Australia and is always available to answer our guest’s queries.

Special Thanks and Credits

Our initial gratitude goes to the previous partners and business owners who founded our company, as well as to our fantastic clients and coworkers, without whom we would not be where we are today. Many of our lovely past travellers have joined the Travelbay family and have been staying in touch & booking trips with us year after year. There are undoubtedly many more who will book trips with us in the future and join our growing family.

Thank you so much to all of our lovely coworkers, travel agencies, and tour guides who have joined the Travelbay family and provide our clients with such wonderful service.

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