Delhi is also known as Dilli and Dil in local Hindi language means “Heart”. Delhi is indeed the heart of India

Delhi is one of the world’s great cities; with a colourful history going back more than a thousand years. A city which was captured, broken down and re-built several times, has been an important centre of politics as the capital of several empires. The British established New Delhi when they moved the government from Calcutta […]

Delhi is a melting pot of every region in India, so you can sample the cuisine of the entire continent.

Whether it’s feather-light dosa pancakes from Kerala, Bengali mustard fish, machher jhol, Punjabi butter chicken or a sizzling Rajasthani tandoori you’ll find it here. But Delhi is much more than the sum of its curries. There is a cosmopolitan mix of Italian, Chinese, European cuisine as well, and a growing sophistication in fine wines. Many […]

Shopping in the wonderful Bazaars of Delhi

Whether you wonder around the maze of bazaars in Old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, looking for bargains in jewellery and textiles, or head straight for the designer showrooms of Hauz Khas Village, and The Crescent, you’ll find quite a range of treasures to delight you in Delhi. Best buys include pashminas, available in a rainbow of colours and ranging […]

Benefits of choosing the luxury travel expert for tourism

Benefits of Choosing the Luxury Travel Expert for Tourism It may be appealing to go the DIY(do-it-yourself) route while designing vacations. After all, it seems straightforward to book a flight reservation using the website. So, why shouldn’t an individual book a cruise for a vacation or honeymoon on their own? When planning a luxury vacation, […]